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SSA-Selfchucking sleeves


SSA self-clamping system, tool changing system for tool-free changing of dowel drills:

  • SSA selfchucking sleeve, quick-change system for tool-free changing of drills with 10mm shank and clamping surface
  • Push the sliding sleeve back, pull the drill and you’re done!
  • Precise, safe and very easy to use
  • Available from stock for all standard spindle connections M8, M10, 10m cylindrical

SSA automatic clamping set, 2-piece dust-tight changing system for drills:

  • SSA clamping set with automatic ejection of the basic tool holder after shifting the clamping sleeve
  • Push sliding sleeve on automatic clamping unit to the rear, basic tool holder gets pushed out
  • Pull off drill on basic holder with dust seal
  • Dust-tight, precise, safe and easy to operate
  • Available for spindle connections M8, M10, 10mm cylindrical

SSA self-clamping system for milling cutters, change system for tool-free change of end mills:

SSA self-clamping chuck quick-change system for tool-free change of end mills with 25mm shank and M8 axial thread at shank end.

  1. Sliding sleeve to the rear
  2. Push in tool shank with screwed-in M8 head bolt to the stop
  3. Push sliding sleeve forward, tool clamped!
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