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HSK Change Systems


Change systems for HSK tools. Tool change systems for the interface between HSK holders according to DIN 69893 and spindle noses according to DIN 69063.
We offer you these couplings for both manual and automatic tool changes. For installation in HSK spindle lugs that you have ground or for spindle front attachment using adapter flanges.
Our HSK axial or HSK eccenter clampsets are suitable for manual tool changes and direct spindle installation. The HSK clamping unit with a pretensioned disc spring package is suitable for automatic tool changes.
This is available for direct installation as well as for spindle extension with an offset flange.
You will receive the necessary installation contours from us.

We manufacture a wide variety of adapters with HSK eccenter clampsets for machine tools.
The adapters serve, for example, as a coupling from the grinding machine with SK50 spindle to the tool to be machined with an HSK taper.
We also have an extensive warehouse for adapter flanges as couplings for use on milling or grinding machines for machining tools with HSK shank.
The HSK eccenter clampsets clamp with a 180 ° swivel movement to the stop, the HSK clamping set thus consistently generates the same, pre-set clamping force.
The handling is done with large Allen keys

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