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PCD-Milling tools for metalworking


PCD-tipped special milling tools for economical machining of non-ferrous metals.

We develop HSC tools that are optimally adapted to your application and production conditions. Design, construction and manufacture of milling tools tipped with polycrystalline diamond (PCD). We supply special PCD tools with solid carbide, steel or heavy metal support bodies and soldered cutting edges.

Today, the full potential of existing or new machining centers must be used in order to survive the competition. Faster, more precise, more cost-effective thanks to a system with perfectly coordinated tools and modern, rational milling strategies. From the conception of the tool through to maintenance, you benefit from our target-oriented services.

Our program includes:

  • PCD special milling tools
  • PCD step milling cutters
  • PCD circular milling cutters
  • PCD face milling tools
  • PCD multitoothed cutters
  • PCD end mills
  • Solid carbide end mills
  • Solid carbide drill thread milling cutters
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