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HSK and SK cutter arbors with intermediate ring sets

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Milling arbors with SK shank according to DIN69871 and milling arbors with HSK shank according to DIN69893.

Milling arbors or arbor sets including intermediate ringset and EasyFix clampset for quickchange

  • High-precision milling arbors to clamp cutters with bore. Positive locking of the tools against rotation by means of a feather key on both sides or by means of dowel pins or threads. Delivery with differential tightening screw or with EasyFix clampset for quick tool changes.
  • Milling arbor sets consist of millarbor, intermediate rings and EasyFix clampset for quickchange. The anti-twist device via drivers in the EasyFix clampset ensures safety.
  • Quick and safe tool assembly through the use of the EasyFix clampsets, which is suitable for clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation.
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